Kanneliya rain forest trek with lunch in a lake

The Kanneliya rainforest is Sri Lanka’s lesser known forest reserve is one of Sri Lanka’s bio diversity hot spots accessible from Galle approximately within 1 to 1 ½ hours. The Forest houses around 78 villages and 10,000 villagers and one of them who will be your guide who has been living his entire life exploring every nook and corner of the forest. Two main rivers of the south which cater for the entire water requirement of Galle runs through this forest and abundance of flora and fauna will take you away from city life and enthrall you with serene, captivating sceneries and sound of the jungle.


Your guide is a villager whose life revolved with the life of the forest and will take you through the forest and to the fascinating waterfall and where you rest and have refreshment while enjoying the scenery and makes this an ideal get away for children and families as well. Tour ends with local lunch on the river or in the vicinity.
The forest consist series of parallel mountain ranges and valleys. The elevation ranges from 60 m to 425 m above sea level. Mean annual temperature is 27.0 °C while annual temperature variation is 4 °C-5 °C. The forest receives a substantial rainfall of 3,750 mm.

What includes: transport, water, entrance fees, a Sri Lankan lunch, a wildlife tracker and a guide.
Duration: Approx. 5 hours including the drive to the rainforest itself.
Difficulty: Easy. The walk is just 4 kilometers and the terrain is fairly safe and flat.
Suitable for children: This experience is perfect for children, who will relish being surrounded by so much nature.
Start times: leave at 7 am or 8am from Galle (earlier the better  as more birds can be seen in the morning)
What to wear or bring along: Light, comfortable clothing, a raincoat as it sometimes rains and closed shoes. Optional: an additional pair of flip-flops, if you want to wear them during the lunch on the river.
Important to know: There may be leeches in the area. Leech socks will be provided, but these do not offer 100% protection.
Private or not? The visit is private.

Rate: 130 $ for 2 person
25 $ each for every additional pax

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