The sole purpose of this organization’s volunteer projects is to grant the volunteering service for the needs of Sri Lankan people to uplift their living conditions and even to protect endangered animals. In order to fulfill that we have designed volunteer projects to attract volunteers from all over the world and volunteers with in the country who has the ability to participate in our projects. Whatever the skill you may possess, the Galle Experience volunteer project will find you a place where you fit in.
By engaging in voluntary work you may not just assist to alleviate poverty and uplift the livelihood of people of this beautiful island, but also you can render your yeoman service to educate and encourage the people to protect the environment and educate them on sustainable way of living the life.
The Galle experience volunteer Sri Lanka Projects provide you the opportunity to work with the Orphans, the Street Children and hearing impaired children, children with learning difficulties, Adults home, nursery schools, Differently able people, Turtle conservation projects depending on each volunteer’s liking and skills and consent.