How to Apply?

Interested in volunteering, Please contact us, we will send you an application form. Whilst you are at the project, our project Managers are constantly available to assist you with any fine tuning of your placement or even a different role, for an instance when you are doing the same task it might be bit monotonous, so that changing of the place of work is possible.

Do I need to have any qualifications?

Age 17 -70, Qualifications will not be required for your volunteer services.

How to make your volunteer experience a memorable one?

If at any time if you find that your volunteering experience does not go on to your expectations, take a minute to talk to the Project manager without leaving it to the last minute. Don’t take it as a pressure at any given time; we are at your service.

Be open, empathetic and patient.

What is the daily routine of a Volunteer?

This schedule will give you a clear indication of a typical routine of a volunteer

Breakfast  - 07-30am- 08.30am
Lunch - 12.30pm – 01.30pm
Dinner – 07.30pm – 08.30pm

Please make sure that if you have any dining choices, for an instance if you are a vegetarian, let the project manager know so that necessary arrangement could be made.

How do I get from the airport to the Volunteer Accommodation?

We can provide you an Airport Pick up at the cost of 80$, if not you can choose the public transport and which is frequently available, It is only a short distance from the Galle town which is the main city of south of Sri Lanka.

What should I bring?

All volunteers are required to furnish the travel and Medical insurance up on arrival at the volunteer accommodation.
One copy of your Passport:
It is advisable to buy a Sri Lankan SIM card as it will be of great assistance to you while you are in Sri Lanka; Unlocking of some of the phones will be required so that please check that before you leave from your country.
If you travel to the middle of the country a jacket may be required as it is colder in the mountains

What to wear?

Women should wear clothing that covers their shoulders and reaches to their knees. T shirts are quite acceptable as are trousers and skirts or sarongs. Men in Sri Lanka wear trousers. You will not offend anyone by wearing shorts but you will be treated with more respect if you dress as other adult men do.

General Kissing, hugging and public demonstration of intimate behavior is considered impolite. Please be respectful and mindful of the social environment. If you wish to bring any invitees to your accommodation, please consult the project manager and make necessary arrangements.

Punctuality and reliability is extremely important, In case if the volunteer is unable to take part in scheduled programme, any day during the period, please let the project managers know about it.