Experience Galle with locals. A Historical City packed with Historical Monuments, Pristine beaches, Rain Forests, Water falls is the place worth discovering in Sri Lanka, We are a local company with the very best knowledge of the area and this is a CSR project started aiming at the less developed community of Galle, Sri Lanka. It gives me so much pleasure to initiate this programme with all my experience in tourism industry during the past 12 years specially working as a Hotel Manager, local volunteer and managing volunteer projects and became a researcher in this respective area. Cooperate Social responsibility is my major concern and our stake holders are personally trained by me with my in depth training ability. Our trips combine a range of activities Cycling, Rain Forest Visits, Galle Fort Walking Tours and Surfing Lessons as well as Yoga and meditation. The uncanny experience being residents of Galle let us bring you the best experience in Galle. Galle Experience volunteer project also initiated by us in order to provide opportunities for all who are willing to render their service for the upliftment of lives of this country. Every traveller set their foot on Sri Lanka pass through Galle clockwise or anti clockwise direction, some just scratch the surface, but those who are truly blessed will experience the Galle’s intricate beauty. We are at GALLE EXPERIECE offers following experiences which shouldn’t be missed while you in Galle.


People with almost every skill are welcome to volunteer in Sri Lanka. Age ranging from 17 to 70, provided that the health condition is good and whatever the skill you possess, they can be of immense help to improve the living condition of all the aspects of the society.

Surfing Lessons

As the endless stretch of secret beaches in the south being discovered the potential they have for surfing become even more predominant. Galle Experience’s surf camp is the perfect place to spend your surfing holiday with proper techniques and guidance.

Galle Fort Walk

One may call it a unique place, Historical city, a living world heritage site or old city of Galle. One who enters this place feels the difference from the time they put their feet inside this Dutch fortress started to build by the Portuguese and competed by the Dutch.

Rain Forest Visit

The forest consist series of parallel mountain ranges and valleys. The elevation ranges from 60 m to 425 m above sea level. Mean annual temperature is 27.0 °C while annual temperature variation is 4 °C-5 °C. The forest receives a substantial rainfall of 3,750 mm.

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